Thursday, November 26, 2009

All That Glitters

Hello and happy thanksgiving to all the Americans tuning in.  Hopefully you are all sitting down to a wonderful turkey dinner and enjoying yourself with family and friends.

Here in the land of oz we are suffering through strange weather, varying from 95 degrees to powerful thunderstorms and rain.

I am currently working on some wonderful glittery angels, featuring the use optional Angelina Film.  If you have seen Angelina Fibres, the fibres are made of sheets of Angelina flim.  It comes in many colours, but constantly gives an irridicent, glittery look on plain embroidery.  The youngest of my children, who suffers from Autism Specturm Disorder looked at these angels and pronounced them beautiful (from a child who rarely speaks). 

I hope to have these angels ready in the next 2 weeks, and plan on putting one on the top of my christmas tree.

You can see a sample of these angels on the other side of the blog.

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