Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back in the land Downunder

Just arrived last night back into Melbourne, Australia.

I actually arrived in Australia on Thursday, but immediately went up to Cairns (North Queensland) for an Embroidery and patchwork conference, run by Kays Fabrics in Cairns. We had a great time, and met many passionate embroiders.

As soon as I got home, hubby took me up to my mother in law's house so that we could collect the kids (he had a camping trip for the weekend, so the kids wern't here). I have had lots of lovely hugs, and plenty of love yous coming my way.

I have begun unpacking my bags from the US, and cannot wait to get back to the drawing board. I found some great fabrics, a few new products, and heaps of inspiration.

Stay posted for heaps of new stuff coming out.